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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

35mtr Australian Longliner

This Longliner built in Japan in 1982 is in excellent condition and fully operational in Unrestricted Navigation Class (AMSA)I am very familiar with these vessels having delivered one previously. They are excellent ocean going vessels. The owner is a most fastidious bloke and I pay credit to him for his maintenance and condition of the vessel. It has been pulled apart and rebuilt to his requirement and quality. The hull is steel and superstructure is Aluminium (2001).


LOA 35mtrs x 6.2mtrs, set up for surface longlining operations. A new deck with Polyurea coating. Has just passed SS with all tanks inspected. The main engine, a Hanshin 375kW (derated) engine was rebuilt approx. 15,000hrs ago. New main compressor pump and fuel transfer pump. Port Aux Yanmar 6HAL-DTN (120kW) approx. 12,000hrs, starboard aux 500 hrs. All pumps have been replaced. Alternators fully serviced 4 years ago. All refrigeration valves replaced, accumulator cleaned/ purged. New 110ltrs/hr desal. Piping all in good order with sewage piping replaced and Piping Drawings blueprinted for future servicing.
Fuel capacity of 80,000ltrs, water 9000ltrs.
The galley has had the roof height extended with new cooktop and walk in coolroom. Good dry store space with under seating additional. The Accom for 10 is well appointed.
The working deck is very well appointed with Ice Flaker, Vacuum Pack Machines and productivity and safety in mind on configuration.
The fish holds are very generous with snap freezer also.
The navigational equipment is very extensive including the $60,000 Furuno CI60G Current Doppler.
Fishing equipment is fully operational with 2 x Snood Haulers, 1 x hydraulic line shooter and GPS Beacons with all related fishing gear.
Australian registered vessels are regulated very highly. This is one of only a few in Australia that is classed as Unrestricted Navigation.
The vessel is located near our office and we can easily revert with your questions. Another 35mtr Longliner by the same owner is also available.

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.‚Äč