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This vessel is now completed and available for prompt delivery at realistic price.


36mtr AHT 2019 build

Classed BV TUG 1 ✠ HULL, MACH Tug, Unrestricted Service. The vessel complies with Singapore Regulations.

1.2 Principal Particulars Hull Dimension
Length Overall : 36.00M
Length Waterline : 34.71M
Beam Moulded : 10.80M
Depth Moulded : 5.00M
Draft Designed : 4.00M

2 x 1 - Berth Cabins : 2 men
1 x 2 - Berth Cabins : 2 men
3 x 4 - Berth Cabin : 12 men
TOTAL : 16 men

Tankage (approx)
Freshwater : 150 m3 (approx)
Fuel Oil : 320 m3 (approx)
Lub. Oil : 1.5 m3 (approx)
Main Engines : 2 x Caterpillar 3512B rated 1500BHP @ 1600 rpm c/w Gearbox ZF W4610 Ratio = 5.04: 1

Performance (approx)
Speed : About 12 knots at trial condition
Endurance : 30 days
Bollard Pull (Ahead) : about 36 tonnes @ 100% MCR Engine Rated GRT/NRT : 475 / 142
The vessel is to comply with:-

a) Solas 1974 & all latest amendments at date of signing of this contract.
b) International Loadline Convention 1966.
c) Radio Communication Regulation to Government Regulation.
d) IMO Stability Guideline A167/A469.
e) International Convention of Prevention of Collisions at Sea 1972.
f) International Tonnage measurement Convention 1969.
g) Marpol 73/78 (CLASS to issue statement of facts of compliance).
h) Maritime laws and Class regulations of Singapore.
i) The Merchant Shipping Safety Regulations 1981.
The following certificates are to be supplied to the owners at the time of delivery of the vessel.

a) Builder's Certificate
b) Classification Certificate (Hull and Machinery)
c) Safety Equipment Certificate
d) Safety Construction Certificate
e) Tonnage Certificate
f) Loadline Certificate
g) Safety Radio Certificate
h) Marpol Statement of Fact Certificate (to be issued by CLASS.)
i) International Oil Pollution Certificate
j) Class Approved Final Trim & Stability Report
k) Compass Adjustment Card
l) Bollard Pull Test Certificate
m) International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
n) Asbestos free certificate (issued by shipyard)
o) All other certificates as required by Classification and National Authority (To be Singapore Flag).

The vessel may be inspected at the Shipyard in China by appointment.

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.