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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

Launched in 2007, currently located in Middle East region.


38mtr AHT 3800hp

In current BV Classification with accommodation for 18 crew. Fitted with FIFI.

Year Built    2007    
Class        Bureau Veritas    
Notation    X HULL X MACH Tug, Unrestricted Navigation    
Flag        Panama    

Length Overall        38.10 m        
Breadth Moulded        10.60 m        
Depth Moulded        4.90 m        
Draft (max)        4.10 m        

Maximum Speed        12.0K at 11.2 MT/24 hrs (approx)        
Economical Speed    10.0K at 5.2 MT/24 hrs (approx)        
Type of Fuel        Marine Gas Oil        
Endurance        9600NM @ 12 knots approximately    
DECK EQUIPMENT            
Anchor Windlass c/w bow        Electro-hydraulic TH-26U2HAW 4.3T @ 10m/min
Anchors & Chain            2 x 660 kg Stockless 2 x 220m x 26mm Ø U2 steel stud link chains
Tugger Winch            2 x 10 MT pull 10m/min
Towing / AH Winch        1 unit TH50AHTW Electro-hydraulic waterfall type.
1000m x 48mm Ø wire each drum. Brake holding
130 MT (50T @ 10m/min on 1st layer)
Bollard Pull (Static)        52MT (designed)
Rope Storage Winch        2 x 5MT pull at 10m/min for 1000m x 48mm Ø wire
Stern Roller            150MT SWL (approximate)
Power Jaw            150MT SWL for rope 50-75 mm Ø
Towing Pin            150MT SWL
Crane                Electro-hydraulic – 2MT at 8M reach

Fuel Oil        296 m³    
DW/SWB            42 m³    
Fresh Water        126 m³    
Freezer/Chiller        10m³ / 10m³    
Clear Deck Area        107 m²
2  x 1 berth cabins =      2 c/w with washroom
2 x 2 berth cabins =     4
3  x 4 berth cabins =   12
Total            18
Main Engines        2 x Mitsubishi S16R MPTK Each 1900m HP @ 1650 rpm. Total: 3800 BHP    
Auxiliary Engines    2 Cummins NT855-G1 x 200kw – 415/ 3/50
1 Cummins 6CT8.3-GM115 x 100kw - 415/ 3/50    
Bow Thruster        1 x 200kW Diesel Driven in CPP tunnel    
Propellers        2 x Fixed Pitch Propellers in Kort Nozzles; 4 -bladed 2.3m Ø Kaplan Type Bronze Manganese    
Steering Gear System    2 x Scandia electro-hydraulic of 3MT torque each    

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.