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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

78mtr Diesel/ Electric PSV (Rolls Royce 2019)

This vessel is near completion and will be available for delivery within 2 months of MOA signing.


LOA 78m x 16m x 5.1m.
Following are all quality components for build.
Bow Thrusters -Rolls-Royce
Main Generator Sets 4 x 910 ekw Caterpillar
Emergency Generator Caterpillar
Electric Propulsion Rolls-Royce
Azimuth Propeller RR
Frequency Convertor System and Transformer Rolls-Royce
MSB & Control Console Rolls-Royce
All Cargo Pumps Engine Room Pumps Ing. Per Gjerdrum A.S.
DP2 & C- Rolls-Royce
Mud Agitator Ing. Per Gjerdrum A.S.
Cargo Control and Monitor System Rolls-Royce
Remote Control System of Main Propulsion Rolls-Royce
Bulk Mud Handling System Rolls-Royce
Deck Machinery Rolls-Royce
Tank Remote Sounding System Rolls-Royce
Roll Reduction (Passive type)Rolls-Royce
Anchors and Chains China
Fast Rescue Boat / Davit Wolong ZHENHJIANG
Fast Rescue Boat Davit Noreq
Galley and Laundry Kangli
Inflatable Life Raft Zodiac
Life Saving Appliances China
Deck Crane TTS
Paints International Paint
Hydraulic Operated Watertight Doors
External Fire Fighting FFS
Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Air Receiver Sperre
Air Conditioning and Ventation System Viking Airtech
Provision Refrigeration Systerm Viking Airtech
Fixed CO2 Safetec
Fire Detection system Wilhelmsen
Oily Separator Boss
Plate Heat Exchanger Sondex
Purifiers MKK
Sewage Treatment Plant Gertsen
Vacuum Toilet Jet
Incinerator Teamtec
Inert Gas N2 System Wilhelmsen
Deck Foam system Wilhelmsen

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.‚Äč