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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

97mtr RSVs - 2 available 2019 build

These two Research / Survey Vessels are equipped for world-wide operations in the oil and gas sector on ultra- deep water projects as well as in the offshore wind sector.


The vessel machinery is controlled by a fully integrated vessel management and control system. The vessel is dynamically positioned with the dual notation of DYNPOS AUTR (DP2) and DYNPOS E (Enhanced Reliability).
DYNPOS E notation, with its increased inherent redundancy and monitoring capability, will allow the vessel to operate more economically and will provide a notable reduction in fuel consumption on DP, which combined with provision of exhaust gas SCR units for compliance with IMO Tier III and the provision of Ballast Water Treatment plant, places the vessel at the forefront of environmental protection technology.

The vessels have two offshore, active-heave compensated, knuckle boom cranes fitted: a 150 tonne crane with a depth capability of 3,000 meters single fall, and an auxiliary crane with a capacity of 25 tonne and a single fall depth capability of 2000 meters.
There is an extensive working deck area of 1,100m2 and a large working moon-pool of 7.20 x 7.20 meters offering flexibility for a number of work roles. With a minimum deck strength of 10t/m2 and specific areas strengthened to take 25t/m2, carriage and deployment of heavy equipment and special project related machinery is facilitated.

Class Notation: DNV *1A1, SF, E0, DYNPOS AUTR, BWM-T, COMF C(3), COMF V(3), Clean Design, Tier III, BIS, NAUTOSV(A), ICE-C, DK(+),
Offshore Service Vessel +, SPS 2008, Recyclable, DYNPOS-E, ECA.

Main dimensions Loa: 97.24m Lpp: 87.30m Breadth : 22.00m Depth from Main deck: 9.2m Deadweight: 5500 t

Accom for 100.
Operational safety is enhanced with provision of an enclosed ROV Hangar designed to accommodate two large work class ROVs for over-side launch. All the necessary interfaces to service ROVs, as well as dedicated offices, control rooms, workshops and stores are included in the hangar design, producing an ergonomically arranged space for efficient operation of ROVs.
There are two stern azimuth thrusters (2x3000KW) giving propulsive power and one aft tunnel thruster(1x1400kW), plus two tunnel thrusters (2x2050kW) and one retractable azimuth thruster forward(1x1000kW) , all powered by a diesel electric plant of four diesel alternators (4x2800kW).

The original sale has collapsed, so both vessels are available now direct ex shipyard.

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.