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Global Work Boats is the solution for all your commercial needs in the marine industry for work boats, from small transfer vessels to large specialised ships. Using our truly global network of international brokers, it will cost no more to find the work boat which fits your ideal specification at Global Work Boats, whether it's a used or new vessel. Use the menu at left to browse our continually updated selection of vessels for sale.

With years of experience in new builds and commercial boat brokering, we have many international clients who use our services for all their needs, whether buying or selling a barge, fishing vessel, port operations craft, oil and gas tender, passenger boat or any other category of commercial marine vessel.

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, we are central to the Asian markets. We have also extensive networks and clients in the Americas, European and Arabian markets.

We also can assist in shipping, insurance and delivery.

We are an Authorized Agent for Thuraya, Iridium and Globalstar Satellite communications and can provide custom plans /equipment for your data / voice / email requirements

We are also an Authorized agent for Sierra Leone Ship Registry providing quality and cost effecting shipping registation.

We have the proven ability to refit existing vessels, or refit newly purchased vessels at one of our many approved yards around the world.

We also offer a consultation service for new builds and project development in the commercial marine industry, as well as commercial training for Maritime and Oil and Gas industries.

Global Work Boats is the solution.


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