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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

Principal Dimensions:

 Hull Length = 18.37Ft (5.60m)
Beam = 6.36Ft (1.94m)
Weight = 900 kg


18ft Inboard Diesel Workboat

Power (Rec.) = Yamaha 33hp Marine Diesel Engine with Sterndrive
Engine Model = Yamaha ME130SM + MU1A
Fuel Tank Capacity = 80 litres
Material = Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy (5083H321)
Hull Thickness = 3 mm thick
Deck = Approx 2 ft
Construction Class = Non-classed

Standard Configuration

1) Multiple Chambers construction, Unsinkable 6ā€ D Fender.

2) Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy Construction

3) Multiple Transverse & Longitudinal Frame Reinforcement structures under deck

4) Reinforced keel and chines,

5) Aluminium alloy deck full welded with non-slip surface

6) Self Draining cockpit with twin drainage hole

7) Four Nos alloy cleats welded to gunwhale.

8) 6 inch width ā€œDā€ shape black Ultra PE Foam fender all round gunwhale.

9) Forward steering console with Morse Manual Cable Steering System.

10) Helmsman seating with storage box under.

11) Boat painted with marine 2-part polyurethane paint.

12) Anchor storage at bow

13) One set navigation lights (All round White, Combination Port and Starboard Lights)

14) 1 x 12V electric horn with switch.

15) Forward deck area with reinforced platform.

16) 2 Nos.Aluminium bench seating (1m long) on port and starboard side with storage under.

17) 4 Nos lifting lugs welded.

18) 1 x Lead-Acid starting battery x 1 pc with plastic Box.

19) Fixed type canopy with aluminium frame

20) Engine Doghouse

21) 1 x 6 way gang switch with rubber boot.

22) 1 x Yamaha ME130SM (33hp) Engine + MU1A Sterndrive

23) 1 x Single Lever Remote Control.

24) Aluminium alloy fuel tank (80 litres) fully baffled and welded and pressure tested.

 Optional Items:
1) Steel Shipping Cradle with tie down strap

2) Forward Bow Al. Alloy boarding rails

3) Propeller Guard

4) Lifting Straps with Master Link and Certificate to 2500Kg 

Located in Singapore.

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.