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Global Work Boats Assists our Buyers with Greater Shipping Options

Shipping is a critical cost element when planning to purchase a workboat destined for overseas relocation. Shipping workboats is an inherently complex task requiring professional expertise to ensure secure, timely and cost effective solutions for both port operations and ocean freight.

Global Workboats offers clients total shipping solutions and greater transport options at competitive rates through one of the world’s premier workboat transport providers throughout the purchase process.

For direct assistance we will either coordinate shipping on your behalf or you may contact our recommended shipper directly for your transport arrangements.

Free Quote Analysis: If our buyers have outside shipping quote(s), we offer a free analysis for your company to ensure there are no “hidden extras” and the quote is an accurate reflection of true landed costs for delivery of the vessel. This is done in confidence and without obligation so with our assisted verification you do not end up out of pocket with extra surprise shipping charges.


Avoid Unforseen Shipping Challenges and Escalating Costs

Often shipping companies will omit/fail to disclose significant details when quoting transportation. Buyer’s un-wittingly may utilize general shipping companies or internet advertisers masquerading as legitimate shippers, that typically have little to no specialization in shipping workboats or worse yet present unrealistically low bids to lure in buyer’s only to disappointment with shipping delays and escalating costs on the back end. Avoid this entrapment and work closely with our workboat shipping expertise to ensure this does not happen to you.

Global Workboat’s Shipping Partner is a World Wide Workboat Transport Specialist . Workboat - Patrol Boat - Offshore Equipment Transportation Specialists ~

We understand that a buyer’s purchase decisions require accurate assessment of total shipping costs involved to transport boats to ultimate destinations. A great purchase also requires the accuracy, competiveness and reliable operational capability of your shipping partner. Global Workboats works closely with Trade Lines to provide our buyer’s with a straightforward total value shipping experience.

Our Domestic and International Clients Include:

Boat Yards - Ship Yards - Boat Builders/Manufacturers - Marine/Crane Builders
Commercial Workboat Boat Brokers - Offshore Marine Vessel Operators/Owners

Our Shipper offers worldwide conference line sailings to all major destinations with Roll On/Roll Off and Lift On/Lift Off services for your shipments. Charter service for large and heavy workboats/vessels with our Heavy Lift and Submersible Ships to any destination around the world is also organized on demand. By working closely with all major ship owners around the world, we ensure our clients benefit from both our buying power and extended worldwide service options for a seamless shipping experience.

Our operations team also provides port and stevedoring operations managed by our expert loadmaster. Additional services such as cradle building, shrink wrapping, and cargo insurance along with documentation support around the world are also offered. If Inland Trucking or Air Transport services are required our team of operators will assist for coordination as our client’s needs dictate.

Our Shipper is Federally Licensed, Insured and Bonded with the United States Federal Maritime Commission, providing One Stop Worldwide Shipping Solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance, we will be glad to help.
Note: Some vessels will be allowed a “Delivery Voyage” Temporary Certificate, with the upgrade of safety gear and electronics. We have access to delivery crews globally who can also assist in this. We do still, however, recommend that all smaller vessels be shipped.

For a shipping quote, you will be required to supply; 

  • Total dimensions: Length, Beam and Height from keel to mast head*
  • Weight of the vessel in Metric Tons/Light Ship Displacement ** 
  • A General Arrangement Drawing of the vessel 
  • A few pictures of the vessel, especially on dry dock to view the hull 
  • Preferred departure and arrival port 
  • A delivery time frame*** 

* It will reduce the transport costs considerably if the mast head can be folded or removed as the quote will usually be for a volume rather than weight. A 22mtrLOA x 6mtr beam with a height of 8mtrs equals a total volume of 1056 cubic meters. If the mast can be removed and the height is reduced to 6.5mtrs, this will save a massive 198 cubic meters.
** Try to ensure that all bunkers on board are at a minimum and do not place any other gear apart from spares for the vessel on board. This will give quicker clearance for Customs.
*** A flexible time frame will allow for a wider range of ships. As the ships are constantly in transit, it is difficult to quote without a time frame and only an estimate can be given without guarantee.