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Used Vessels

Global Work Boats has proven experience with the tender process for the disposal of government vessels.

A general process is as follows. To bid for a tender, you must be registered in the country for the process. We have global partners that are already registered to do so. The company must be owned and registered in the country of disposal. The tender process usually occurs in a very small time frame, from announcement of the tender date and inspection date. Prior to this announcement, it must be ensured that the inspecting delegates have the appropriate visas for the country of disposal. The inspection will generally be only one day and sometimes, only for a couple of hours, with only a few days notice.

From a satisfactory inspection, an MOA can be drawn up on the agreed tender price. A 10% deposit must accompany the tender. This must be cleared funds into the nominated account prior to tender. generally, the vessel can only be bought by the bidding company which we do on your behalf. If the tender is successful, then the 90% balance must be paid within usually 5 banking days from announcement of win. If the tender is unsuccessful, then the deposit is returned in full. Failure to have cleared funds into the account within this time frame may lead to a forfeit of the deposit, as the governments terms are strictly non negotiable.

When the funds are cleared within the MOA timeframe, the vessel will change ownership into our buying company. From there, it will be then transferred ownership into the buyers company and export documentation / re-registration can commence. We take care of all of the documentation and translation also. Our suggested price guide on tenders has been proven to be very good, winning most of the tenders for our clients. For any further questions in relation to tenders, please feel free to contact us.