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New Vessels

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Used Vessels

1) The sleek and upmarket design and look of the Scavenger 18 makes it an unobstrusive workboat silently working at any worldclass marina or waterside residential areas.


18ft Scavenger Electric river maintainence vessel

2) It is in operation worldwide in canals, and upscale marinas for the easy cleaning and collection of floating rubbish, seaweeds, plastic bottles etc. Motorised Rotating Stainless Steel Bascule Filter Cage makes clearing floatsam effortless. The rotating basket can pickup 20kg per load and the boat has a total load capacity of 250kg of floatsam.

3) The Scavenger 18 is also easy to maneuver,Not Require any fuel using the power from sun is absolutely free and the strong aluminium hull needs little maintenance. The non marking, ultra light PU foam fender also protects the craft against damages and prevents scuffings to boats at the marina.

4) Using Solar Power Clean and Renewable Energy for environmental sustainability,Specialy made to avoid Oil surfaces on the water.

5) The Solar power can be used to run the boat for 6 hrs without generator power (Full sun at 34 degree)

6) The Scooping baskets can be able to reach 3000mm Depth.

7) The solar panels are lost long and not required to do maintenance like OBM Engines,Solar panels lifespan is up to 20 years

8) Innovatively clean boat, zero hydrocarbon emissions.

Standard Configuration:

1) Twin Catamaran Sponson with multiple reinforced chambers foam filled.

2) Motorised Lever auto - operated rotating aluminium frame with stainless steel bascule filter netting.

3) Centre seating arrangement.

4) Forward and side deck section with non-slip coated aluminium alloy plate.

5) Forward driving console.

6) Aluminium tubing T top frame with sophisticatedly roof mounted solar panels on top of the Canopy.

7) Port and Starboard side Storage Compartment.

8) Forward collection bin between catamaran sponsons,fixed with drainage hole.

9) Forward aluminium bow rails.

10) Boat painted with marine 2-part polyurethane paint.

11) 4 x lifting lugs welded to hull side.

12) One set navigation lights (All round White, Combination Port and Starboard Lights)

13) 3 way gang switch with fuse.

15) Ultra Foam Fender 6” width D Shape all round.

16) 1 x Forward bow lights using halogen 50W marine lamps.

17) 5.5Kw DC Electric Drive with Fittings.

18) 6 x Solar Panels
Size of Each Panel: 1650mm x 990mm x 40mm Power of Each Panel: 275Kw / 38V.

19) 48 V Battery Bank ( Can use Additional 1 x 48V Battery Bank).

20) Battery Selector Switch.

21) Elcon Battery Charger.

22) Motor Fan.

23) 12V Isolated House Power.

24) Surface drive propulsion.

25) 5.6KVA Generator (Backup Generator), (Size: 708mm x 548mm x 493mm)

The vessel is currently under production and available for delivery shortly.

Inspection available in Singapore

Very well priced at $SGD 140,000 (approx $USD105,000)

For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.