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New Vessels

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Used Vessels


There have been many recent inspections on vessels where the vessel has been placed in cold layup with no maintenance. The true condition of the vessel has not been reported correctly to the brokers or buyers. Some vessels stated as in warm layup condition also have had issues in even starting engines, as procedure has not been followed in maintenance plans.

We understand that in these current times, maintenance costs can be a large burden, however the costs for lapses in maintenance can be far more expensive. As we know, equipment and machinery on board must be run regularly to avoid issues. Placing a small crew on board weekly to run engines, pumps, winches etc. will end up saving your company money.

Demand for PSV’s, DSV’s at present is still relatively good, but the delivery time is essential and buyers to not have the time for dry docking and the costs associated with a poorly maintained vessel. As a condition, they may request that overdue surveys are completed and the vessel delivered in good operational condition, with the buyer’s representative supervising DD or repairs. These costs are to be absorbed by the owner/seller.

A maintenance plan for vessels in a layup status is essential for owners. Foreign crew at this point in time is very difficult to engage for the run up of the vessel, so if there is no access to trained employees in the owning company, there are subcontract companies in many countries that could quote for these services locally. Networking with similar companies may also be worth considering at this very unusual time to be the most cost effective means, although understandingly difficult and somewhat controversial linking in with competition.

The end results however is that we all pull through at the end ready to commence a new phase in business with vessels ready for charter/ sale.

Owners who do not truly declare the state of the vessel do not do themselves any real favours. It just wastes time for all involved. If the condition of the vessel is poor, it should be reported as that and reflected in price and ideally a condition report available for buyers to ascertain the costs involved for re-classification/ repairs against purchase price.

JULY 2020