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The true costs of shipping your vessel

Many buyers internationally have been left well over budget from buying a vessel overseas.

There are many factors for a buyer to consider for shipping. The cost be much more than the purchase price of the vessel.

Generally, the cost for freight is calculated by length x width x height in cubic meters, or the total weight of the vessel and cradle.

Whichever is the highest value, will be the net calculation for freight.

Firstly, generally a cradle would have to be manufactured and surveyed approved for shipping. Lashing and securing would be done on hardstand, so the vessel must be lifted, cleaned and returned to water generally. Approved, rated lashing straps and any protective coverings also would have to be accounted for.

Shipping companies can only quote for specific date ranges. It is not possible to obtain a quote valid for 90 days. A quote can sometimes be double than original if quoted a month after, or it may be less. It sometimes maybe best if there is financially viable options for storage to suit a vessel with minimal loadback for a cheaper rate as sailing options increase.

Steveadore companies pricing will vary greatly internationally for break bulk cargo. The shipper must obtain these load, discharge rates currently. For load/ discharge, divers may be required and a support vessel on hand. A surveyor would also be present to observe and photograph the load/ discharge procedure also. In Australia it may cost up to $30,000 for one load for a 25mtr vessel.

These costs can be qualified by the stevadore companies as a full gang with the crane may be out of normal service for an hour or three, with may toolbox meetings and a slow, deliberate approach must be taken for safety and avoid any damage to the vessel..

Export documentation and a customs agent on both ends is required.

Insurance, again would have to be obtained.

If the vessel is required for a deviation from its normal sailing route, then the rates dramatically increase. It is often the case that the vessel is discharged at a port some distance from the destination and then must be driven under power for her mobilization.

A purchaser who wishes for a quote for shipping from a broker must understand there is quite some work involved in this process and often not possible without a true intention of purchase and minimal budget.

Taxes, import duty, customs etc. again are expenses that cannot be truly qualified by the broker or shipper and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Removing mastheads/ monkey towers may reduce quite considerably the cost as an extra 2 metres height reduction x length x width will dramatically reduce the overall dimension calculations.

It is also often that a vessel may have to be discharged at an intermediate port and loadback on a different vessel. If hardstand is required for a few days, then this again with the stevedore companies would have to be quoted.

If a general quote is required for budget purposes, we can only generally indicate from previous deliveries on estimates which may vary heavily. Shopping for quotes by many shippers can also lead to a negative outcome, as it mainly reverts back to only a few vessels that the port of loading and port of discharge are not serviced by many lines, from one to a few.

We are very happy to assist with the shipping of vessels and hope that this clarifies the true costs and work involved in calculating a quote for shipping a vessel.

November 2020